Business mobility plans from Québec

From Quebec Voice Voice and data
$29.95  /month*
$39.95  /month*
$49.95  /month*
$54.95  /month*
$69.95  /month*
$74.95  /month*
Calls Number of anytime minutes (local calls) Unlimited
Evenings and Weekends Calls After 6pm Unlimited
Between all Videotron telephone customers Unlimited local and long-distance calls
Long-distance calls in Quebec - - Unlimited
Long-distance calls to Canada and the US - - - - Unlimited from
(CDN and USA)
Data Internet on your mobile - 500 MB 2 GB 3 GB 6 GB 10 GB
Included services
  • Voicemail (up to 35 voicemails)
  • Call Display
  • Unlimited text messages from Canada to Canada, the US and elsewhere in the world
  • Unlimited text, photo and video messaging from Québec

Calling minutes

Within Québec: 30¢/minute extra
To anywhere in Canada: 30¢/minute
To anywhere in the US: 30¢/minute

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* Certain conditions apply

  • * This offer is only available where Videotron's mobile service is offered. Behaviour and rates of services may differ while located in partner network. Device must be compatible with Videotron's mobile network. One-time activation fee not included. Each additional minute (out-of-zone, local or long-distance ; out-of-plan) call minute costs 30¢. Charges for long-distance calls, roaming charges and other applicable charges not included. Applicable taxes not included. Services and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply.