Business Internet Access

Internet Fibre 120/30 hybrid

Free Optimum Wi-Fi service with the ultimate-speed internet 30 or higher.

  • Advanced use
  • 1 to 30 connected devices
  • Ideal for online backups

Technical specifications

  • Download speed of 120 Mbps*
  • Upload speed up to 30 Mbps*
  • Unlimited monthly data transfer capacity*
  • Cable modem and antispam filter included*
  • Visit from a technician the same-day in case of an Internet service failure*
Wi-Fi Router Free for rent* Free Optimum Wi-Fi service*

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$206.95 /month*

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  • 7 email addresses
  • Maximum capacity of 2 GB per email address
  • Access your WebMail via
  • 4 Maximum Security Service licenses included
  • 20 hours of free dial-up Internet for when you're on the go
  • Customer Service exclusively dedicated to Business customers
  • Technical Support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Options that suit your business needs!
  • Domain Names

    Personalize your emails (e.g. and/or the address of your corporate website (

  • Videotron Security Services

    Protect your corporate data with our Security Services (i.e. Antivirus, Firewall, Anti-Spyware, etc.)

  • Data Transfer Packages

    Increase your data transfer capacity when you need to, at any time.

  • Static IP Addresses

    Static IP addresses let you host your website and/or emails on your own servers, connect your offices via a virtual private network and operate many other applications (e.g. bank terminal).

Configuration requirements

To fully benefit from your cable Internet access, use equipment that meets the following requirements:

Configuration requirements for Windows

Description Minimum Recommended
Operating system[2] Windows 2000 Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Processor 1.8 GHz 2.4 GHz
RAM 1024 MB 2048 MB
CD-ROM Yes Yes
Networking equipment 10BASE-T network or USB port[3] 10/100/1000BASE-T network port
Dial-up modem Dial-up modem[4] Dial-up modem[4]

Configuration requirements for Mac

Description Minimum Recommended
Operating system[2] OS 10.4 OS 10.5
Processor G3 or + Core 2 Duo or +
RAM 512 MB 1024 MB
CD-ROM Yes Yes
Networking equipment Network port 10BASE-T [3] Network port 10/100/1000BASE-T [3]
Dial-up modem Dial-up modem[4] Dial-up modem[4]


What is the minimum equipment I need to access Videotron Ultimate Speed Internet service?

All computers equipped with a network card and an operating system that use the TCP/IP protocol can theoretically access the Internet. However, it is recommended you have the latest equipment in order to realize the full potential of the technology. A wired connection with a 100 Mbps (100BaseT) Ethernet port is preferable to a USB connection shared by a number of peripheral devices. Wireless connections are not yet able to realize the full potential of the speeds proposed.

What about wireless b, g, or n networks?

For WiFi connections, regardless of the protocol used (802.11b, g, or n), it is useful to remember that most business wireless devices (routers, phones, and multimedia transmitters) often operate on the same frequency (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) and are therefore likely to cause interference and slow down the connection, especially if they are on the same channel. Under certain conditions, microwave ovens also interfere with the 2.4 GHz frequency and, although they are insulated, can cause a serious slowdown between the transmitter and receiver. You will notice this if you approach a microwave in operation while talking on a 2.4 GHz wireless phone. Note that 802.11b has a theoretical transfer speed of 11 Mbps (6 Mbps actual transfer speed) and 802.11g has a theoretical transfer speed of 54 Mbps (26 Mbps actual transfer speed). Both use the 2.4 GHz band. The first version of 802.11n released in early 2006 is not yet an approved standard, which means that equipment currently manufactured with this technology under different brands is not all compatible. Although this promising technology has a theoretical transfer speed of 540 Mbps, the actual transfer speed is just over 100 Mbps within a 90 meter radius and uses 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands, which therefore makes it as susceptible to interference as any radio communication.

Can my router affect the speed of Ultimate Speed Internet?

Yes. The very latest devices are starting to be provided with the minimum elements required to deliver Videotron Ultimate Speed Internet, including 100 Mbps (100BaseT) or 1 Gbps (1000BaseT) Ethernet and WAN ports and processors capable of supporting these speeds. Most business routers currently in use do not meet these criteria. Videotron technical support is limited to resetting routers. You could therefore be asked to plug your computer directly into your cable modem to help us diagnose the problem.

Can other parts of my setup affect Internet speed?

The most reliable way of linking components into a local network is with Ethernet, more commonly known as RJ45. For Ultimate Speed Internet, we suggest using certified Category 5 network cables or preferably Category 5e cables, whose specifications help reduce the possibility of crosstalk interference to a minimum. Homemade Ethernet cables should be used with great caution, because connections not compliant with T568A or T568B standards are more likely to produce interference.

What is TCP/IP?

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol) is the common term now used to describe the entire sequence of protocols used on the Internet, because these two protocols were the first to be defined. In a protocol stack, each layer solves a certain number of data transmission problems, and certain ones must be specifically defined to deliver services such as Videotron Ultimate Speed Internet.

Should I configure my computer's TCP/IP parameters?

The TCP configuration of all the latest computers with Windows Vista or Mac OS 10.5 operating system (the most prevalent) natively supports the power available via Videotron Ultimate Speed Internet access. However, previous generation PCs will require adjustments to reach their full potential at this speed. If upgrading to these operating systems is not possible and/or not desired, the IP stack of Windows XP or Mac OS 10.4 may still have to be adjusted using the utilities available at Videotron's Customer Centre.

What do these utilities do to my system?

Whether you have MAC OS 10.4 or Windows XP, the utilities suggested (including Videotron's Optimizer for the Windows platform) perform the same function, i.e., they adjust the buffer storage of TCP send and receive windows defined in PCs. By providing more buffer memory, more data can circulate at the same time, thereby optimizing Videotron Ultimate Internet Speed access. It should be noted that this modification applies only to Ultimate Internet Speed and may damage the performance of a bundle with lower capacity. This modification can be performed using the utilities available at Videotron's Customer Centre.

My Internet access doesn't work. What should I do?

Your computer equipment may be the reason why you can't access the Internet. To eliminate this possibility, turn off your computer completely, then wait a few seconds and restart it. If you still can't access the Internet, reset the modem. To do so, unplug the electrical connector from the wall outlet, wait 20 seconds, then plug it back in. Wait one minute, restart your computer, and try again to access the Internet. If this fails, contact the Technical Support Department in your area, which is available 24/7.

Status of Videotron Ultimate Internet Speed modem front panel lights

The front panel of the Ultimate Internet Speed modem indicates if and how well the system is operating. As soon as the modem is successfully connected to the network, the Power and Online lights indicate the device is active and operational. The DS-1 indicator flashes when the modem is seeking a frequency and is steady when it has found one. The US indicator shows the data output route is operational. The DS-2 and DS-3 indicators show the modem is operating in Ultimate Internet Speed mode. If they remain off or flash after the device is restarted (indicating damage to Ultimate Internet Speed service), it is best to contact our Technical Support Department.

Slow access

Make sure icons for shareware such as BitTorrent and Kazaa (P2P) are not in the task bar. This software considerably slows down your Internet connection. Given the logical and physical design of the vast Internet network, we cannot guarantee a specific speed when you navigate particular sites. You can, however, check the speed your computer reaches by performing a speed test. The factors that can affect speed are numerous, including your router's capability, the status of the IP stack, and the status of the computer itself (firewall; procedures for optimization, antivirus analysis, backup, etc.) in particular. This site allows you to check the status of the link and your computer and distinguish them from the transfer capabilities of various Internet sites, whose very nature varies. Remember that servers and websites outside the Videotron network are out of our control. Our role is limited to providing you access.

Videotron cable phone service

Please note that customers who use Videotron cable phone service will continue to receive service through their current multifunction modem. The new device provides access to Ultimate Internet Speed only.


We recommend that you regularly check your usage via Videotron's Customer Centre. If you feel you are not responsible for any overusage, you should immediately have your computer's security checked. A number of viruses, spyware, and trojans can generate excessive traffic on your bandwidth without your knowledge. Some can even open your computer to hackers. An unsecured or poorly secured WiFi router is also likely to authorize undesirable external connections to your Internet link. If you suspect a computer crime, contact your local police department or Sûrete du Quebec. You can make an insurance claim if your insurance policy covers computer crimes. Please remember that Videotron cannot be held responsible for the security of your Internet access, as specified in our service contract.

* Certain conditions apply

* This limited-time offer is available to all new Business Internet customers who subscribe to Videotron's Business Internet Fibre 120/30 hybrid service, and is conditional upon a 36-month contract. 5 free months are applied as follows: 1st, 10th, 19th, 27th and 36th month free. Wi-Fi router is free for rent to customers who subscribe to Videotron's business Ultimate Speed Internet service for 36 months. Free installation applies to regular installations only. Other promotions are available, depending on the contract. Rental of cable modem included. Unlimited use does not apply to dial-up Internet service. Dial-up Internet service: 20 hours a month; each additional hour is billed at $1/hour. Long-distance charges may apply. The usage exceeding the monthly capacity limit of 700 gigabytes download and 324 gigabytes upload will be billed at $1.50 per gigabyte used, with no monthly billing limits. Should your business Internet service stop working, and a Videotron technician be needed, the latter will come to your workplace on the same day, if you called to report the issue before 4 p.m. Contract is non-transferable. Penalties apply for breach of contract. Available where technology permits. Offer and rates are subject to change without prior notice. Taxes not included. Certain conditions apply.

** This offer can end without prior notice and is for new and existing customers. It only applies to Videotron business Internet plans that were launched on or after November 30, 2011. This offer does not apply to the following business services: Wireless Internet, Mobile high speed Internet, Mobile Ultimate-Speed mobile Internet and Extreme High-Speed Internet. This offer is subject to change without prior notice. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-561-4248 to redeem this offer. Certain conditions apply.

[1] The client must pay annual fees to the registrar. Website hosting services not included.

[2] We only provide technical support for the operating systems listed above. However, it is possible to connect using other systems, particularly Linux, Unix systems in general, Windows 95/98/ME/NT, and Mac OS 9.

[3] USB ports can be used with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Please note that for earlier USB versions (such as 1.x), the expected speeds may not be reached. Visit our Technical Assistance/USB Interface section at for more information.

[4] A 56-Kbps modem is recommended in order to use the dial-up Internet service. Our equipment is V.90-compatible.